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Lewis Capaldi on how he started documenting about his mental health journey

Lewis Capaldi gets candid about his mental health struggles in his new Netflix documentary, How I'm Feeling Now.

Speaking to Alison Hammond on This Morning via Daily Mail, the singer revealed, “I got approached about [the documentary] in 2019, before Covid, and I had a good 2019.”

The musician continued, “At the time they were like we'll do it and come and do a victory lap of my year. I was like yeah I'm gonna look like a hero!”

“And then Covid happened. It's actually quite a depressing documentary, to tell you the truth,” he remarked.

Lewis pointed out, “When I watched the first draft back - I was like do I die at the end of this? But because it's about my mental health, my struggles. Until I watched it I didn't realise how much my anxiety and other stuff I struggle with really coloured my life.”

“I never realised how much I needed to address a lot of things - like really going to therapy and focusing on my mental health - I'll get to my physical health eventually,” explained the singer.

Lewis also stated that he didn’t realise “it had an effect on my parents, how I was like ignoring my mental health and letting it consume me”.

Talking about being followed by the cameras, the singer noted, “They were very gracious, but to be a good doc you have to give them the time, so they get some bits.”

“My dad cried, which I thought was embarrassing, I thought he should be ashamed of himself for that. And Netflix gave us money for it so that's great,” he added.



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