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At Mind That Music we provide uniquely tailored music workshops to engage, motivate and support mental well-being for those suffering from a variety of mental health challenges. Including but not limited to depression, anxiety, personality disorders, schizophrenia and bi polar disorder, with the aim to provide guidance on reaching the full musical potential and paths of further development for those seeking it. We offer sessions in our industry standard equipped music studio, as well as hospital in-reach and community based support.

The work of our music mentors often circumvents the fears that can be felt by clients towards social workers and mental health professionals and through building trust we have seen much-improved engagement with participants and their families alike. Disposing of many negative labels that have been formed, reducing stress and improving emotional and behavioural problems.

Using the latest Native Instruments equipment our specially trained music professionals have developed an approach that allows us to capture and share the work from our sessions for our participants to share with their family, friends and support workers. We also pride ourselves in the ability to showcase the effects of our programs to audiences worldwide.

Service Features:

  • Intro to Music Production

  • Music Composition

  • Mixing and Studio Techniques

  • Music Industry Advice

  • Lyric Analysis

  • Improvisation

  • Active Listening

  • Songwriting

  • Artist Development

  • Branding

  • The Music Entrepreneur


A wealth of research has shown the many benefits through music for a variety of mental health conditions. A platform for processing emotions, trauma and grief as well as having a calming influence. A powerful tool that positively impacts the way we live our lives. We offer young persons and adults an environment for safety of expression, a place to build self worth and to instil a sense of pride in what can be extremely low, troubling and difficult to understand moments of a persons life journey. We don’t stop here but instead also strive to present work conducted during our tailored programs as potential for further development or even scope for becoming a music professional.​

Our individual and group sessions can help to address deep rooted problems, with a focus on communication, a helpful channel for exploring relationships with others, a place for mutual support, reduction of isolation and with a goal of moving towards greater self-understanding.


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Music is far more than a source of entertainment; it has generally been accepted through clinical and research-based practices that both creating and listening to music can have a multitude of positive effects on both mood and mental health.

Whether offered in mental health institutions or the community we offer a place to be heard. Based on service users own experiences of recovery five areas have been identifed to aid the recovery process:

  1. Connectivity - Peer support and support groups, being part of a community

  2. Hope and Optimism - Belief in recovery, motivation to make changes, hope inspiring relationships, positive thinking, setting goals and aspirations

  3. Identity - Overcoming stigma, rebuilding and redefining a positive sense of identity

  4. Meaning - Rebuilding social roles, social goals and life quality

  5. Empowerment - Focusing on strengths, control and personal responsibility

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