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Our specifically tailored creative space can be hired by anyone looking for a clean and safe environment to express themselves creatively. All proceeds from the room hire go towards the running of our charity. 


To support our objectives we aim to bring the musical world ever closer to the participants of our programs. As such we strive to offer a safe and creative environment that nurtures talents and positive cooperation between musically inclined people of all walks of life. We pride ourselves in bringing musicians together to collaborate on a variety of musical projects ranging from music production to live performance and beyond. 

We don’t exclude anyone, whether the need of mental health support is the core reason for accessing our services or not. 



Mid size studio equipped with:

  • Full PA system with 2x subs and 16 channel Yamaha mixer 

  • Fender Rumble 200 bass combo

  • Boss Katana 100 - 2x12 guitar amplifier

  • Boss Katana 100 - 1x12 guitar amplifier

  • Tama Imperialstar 5 piece drum kit / Zildjian cymbals

  • Shure SM58 microphones 

  • Cables 

  • Additional equipment available on request



Fully equipped large recording studio equipped with: 

  • Vocal Booth 

  • Soundcraft Mixing Desk 

  • Yamaha and Samson Monitoring system 

  • Novation MIDI keyboard

  • Variety of effect pedals

  • Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headphones

  • Behringer HA400 Headphone Amplifier

  • Beyerdynamic, Shure, sE, Sontronics and RODE microphones 

  • Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit 

  • Yamaha CN70 organ 

  • Focusrite Studio Preamps/Compressors 

  • Traktor Kontrol S2 dj controller 

  • Huge selection of VST plugins & sound libraries 


This space consists of 10 easily arranged tables and seats up to 16 people. 

  • Flat Screen smart TV 

  • Sony Hi-Fi system 

  • Whiteboard 

  • Refreshments stand 


Just as with our mental health support programs we pride ourselves in the ability to tailor our offering to very specific needs. Please get in touch through our contact form to discuss further.


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Our hospital in-reach programme provides music workshops for those being treated in acute, forensic, recovery and rehabilitation psychiatric facilities in Merseyside and across the UK.

Offering participants the opportunity to use the very latest Native Instruments technology. Our specially trained Music Mentors will guide and encourage engagement in the art of music production. Our equipment and approach allows our participants to effortlessly produce music whilst learning composition and song-writing skills, using music as a way of expressing and exploring difficult feelings.

The therapeutic objectives of our programme:


  • Knowledge and self-awareness  

  • The knowledge of others and their relationships with them

  • Improved sense of identity through musical experience

  • Helping participants to feel safe to express themselves musically

  • Facilitating self-expression and promoting psychological growth

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Interaction between participants through music

  • The feeling of being in a group, making music together and reinforcing a sense of self-esteem

  • Release and liberation

  • Development of psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, communication and social expression



The overall goal of our in-reach programme is to achieve the objectives and meet the specific needs of each individual. Through working closely with onsite staff the format of our sessions are structured to suit the environment and the interests of each participant. We make certain our Music Mentors implement the most suitable class and techniques available. After each session we provide staff with a detailed "Session Capture Form" detailing structure, individual engagement, mood, behaviour and any recommended action points.


Music production has never been easier! Our community-based projects allow access to all that is needed to produce music in the modern era. Using the latest software and hardware in our industry standard equipped studio we’ll show you how to write drum beats, bass and synth lines and how to arrange everything into the finished article. Allowing for experimentation in any genre our expert tutors are always on hand for guidance and waiting to help with any questions.

Course Overview:

  • Music production basics

  • Intermediate production skills

  • Music composition

  • Further production skills

  • Sound design

  • Mixing techniques

  • Vocal coaching

  • Performance skills

  • Microphone techniques

  • Song-writing

  • Music industry / business practices

  • Social media management


Our courses run over a ten-week period, with 3-hour classes weekly. Each and every person’s experience is unique, whilst receiving the same level of care and attention from us. Every programme offers four lessons a month as standard, although additional classes can be booked subject to availability.


Building up from one-to-one song-writing sessions through to group activities and performances, our programme helps to develop musical skills, emotional awareness, resilience, confidence and a range of transferable skills. Through coordinating with various community projects and organisations we strive to identify and signpost avenues to various other support groups and sessions. Our mission is simple - to offer the support we can in our setting and connect the dots for those in need of a better mental well-being. 

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